Jergens Anti- Bacterial & Mild Soap Review

By hdmakeupbycess - 09:09

I'm very picky when it comes to choosing my Anti-bacterial soap, It should be Mild, Non-Drying and Fresh-Scented! 
and finally one of my favorite 'moisturizer/lotion brand' introduced their own soap! :) 

These variants provide gentle but highly effective body cleansing without stripping away the essential moisture of the skin! 

Jergens Anti-Bacterial Soap cleans, moisturizes and leaves skin feeling clean and fresh as it fights bacteria and removes dirt. 

while Jergens Mild Soap freshens with mild cleansers with its PH-balanced formula! 

I recommended these soaps for sensitive and dry skin. Since most of anti-bacterial soaps available in the market tends to make your skin more dry. Glad that Jergens came up with a soap that fights bacteria and also keeps your skin moisturized. 

Plus both these Bar Soaps protect the skin from harmful micro-organisms and they come in 135g and 90g pack super budget friendly that you can use for the whole family! :) 

Jergens Bar Soaps are available in leading department stores, supermarket, and retailers nationwide! :)

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