Natura Organics Baby and Beyond Product Review

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I posted this Review on Facebook and Ig. but posting this again on the blog for every mommies to read! :)

I know that being a Mom is very challenging as it is picking the right baby products for your little ones, sometimes i find myself checking the ingredients of every baby soap/products in every isle of baby brands if 'weather to buy this or that' haha!

Until Natura Organics released their own baby product line! They sent me these :)

Hindi na ko nagwworry since these are all organic! Owner/Founder 'Doctora Mel' personally formulated every products that she releases :) They have a wide range of product from Cosmetics, Skincare, Preggy Safe Products and Baby Products.

My personal favorite is their Good Night Sleep Baby Lotion. Super bango and nakakarelax yung scent! and my son loves it too! :)
Good Night Sleep Body Lotion - I love the mild powdery chamomile scent. Plus it is non-sticky unlike the other baby lotions I've tried! It'll truly give your baby a good relaxing sleep :)

Soothe & Calm Rescue Salve - Babies are prone to skin irritations and this organic rescue salve helps soothe diaper rashes, mosquito bites, or any other skin irritations like eczema. It contains all organic Shea Butter, VCO, Olive Butter and   Sweet almond oil.

Head-to-Toe Wash for Toddlers in Fresh Citrus - This head to toe wash is all organic and mild, Won't irritate your baby's delicate skin! :)

Hair Conditioner for Toddlers in Fresh Citrus - My son's hair became more shiny and soft after using :) Also perfect for your little girls with long hair! It'll leave your little one's hair fresh and tangle-free!

Body Sprinkle in Fruity Citrus - Your old baby cologne might contain harmful chemicals and its always better to seek out organic and safer alternative for your child. This baby sprinkle contains all organic Sugarcane Extract, Jojoba Oil Rose Water, and Essentials Oils. I also love the sweet fruity citrus that lasts all day!

Herbal Bug Blend Repellent Spray - The scent is not too strong compared to others. It is Herbal, Organic and works well! Deet free, Mineral Free, Gluten and  Paraben free! Totally switching to this spray because the lotion type repellents tend to have a sticky feeling on my baby's skin. :)

Most recommended baby products!
All Organic and Vegan! 

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