Purederm 3-Step Extreme Pore Hydrating Treatment Review

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I admit, I'm not a 'Mask User' before. I always wondered if masks are effective to use. Since then i bought one and give it a try! You have to leave it on your face 15-20mins and it should freshens and brightens up your face after use! Nkakarelax pala :) 

So today, I'm gonna review Purederm's 3 Step Extreme Pore Hydrating Treatment!
This is one of Purederm's newest mask. I think they haven't relased this yet on the market. (One of the first akong makaka-try) :)

The packaging is so nice! As you can see the  'Descriptions on how to use' and a step-by-step guide on how to put every product is included here! 
A much clearer view of Steps 1-3 :)
I actually tried it! :) (I'm not confident showing my No-Makeup self, Pero for the sake of this review guys here it is) Haha! 

Step 1 - Pore Deep Cleansing Peeling Gel - It is a cream like formula that turns into a exfoliating/peeling like substance :) 
To smooth skin and to facilitate the absorption of active ingredients in Step 2 and 3!  

Step 2 - Extreme Pore Hydrating Mask - This is my first time to try a black mask! Kaya pala black kasi it has a large amount of charcoal! :)
What is does is, it absorbs skin impurities and excess oil! 
Including there Black Plants that rehydrate and nourish dry, rough skin and treat enlarge pores for a soft and smooth appearance! 

Step 3 - Extreme Pore Hydrating Cream - After the mask, Put this! 
A moisture cream that quenches skin's thirst with ample moisture and nutrients for soft and healthy feel! It helps seal and tighten enlarge pores! 

As you can see sa step 3 photo ko, My face is so refreshed and still moist after use! I love the feeling of a lil' bit of minty sa face! Plus visibly smaller pores after use! :)
Try it guys! 

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