Pervil Whitening and Anti Aging - Macro Peel Set Review

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Beauty doesn't have to be expensive. There's a lot of good beauty brands, quality wise and won't hurt your pockets. So when i came across this product, first thing i knew is i wanna try it asap! It is the first "No Redness and No Peeling Rejuvanating Set on the market" Kaya I'm thrilled!

I tried using rejuvanating sets before and ending... Hindi ako makalabas ng bahay dahil grabe yung redness and peeling. Of course i can't put makeup too while on the process. Dahil baka mairitate yung skin ko :(  but with this Rejuvanating Macro Peel Set -  i don't have to worry anymore :)

Here's the whole set!

The set consist of: Kojic Soap, Intensive Rejuvanatiing Toner, Intensive Rejuvanating Cream and Sunblock. 
It is best to use with Kojic Soap and Magic Cream for maintenance and best results! :)
For Day Time:
- Cleanse the face with Magic Kojic Soap (Let it Stay for 5-10mins then rinse with luke warm water)
- Moistened a piece of cotton with Magic Intensive Toner then apply evenly onto face
- Apply intensive rejuvanating and whitening cream all over the face thinly.
- Put Sunscreen SPF 15 Repeat every after 2 hours for maximum sun protection.

For Night Time:
- Follow the same beauty regimen in day time except sunscreen application.

So i tried it for a month! :) Here's my before and after photo. Actually nag-hhesitate ako to show you guys my face without makeup. Haha! Not confident enough since i have a few freckles sa face. 

My bare face :) As you can see. I have a few freckles and a little bit of skin discoloration.

Too bad i don't have photos while using the product but i'm surprised that my skin didn't peel but i can see that my face lightens up day by day!

Since there's no peeling i can go out as usual, continue my day work/activities :)

But DON'T you dare SKIP sunblock while on the macro peel process. Keep your face protected under the sun!

And.... After using the Macro Peel set for a month! :)

See the difference? My freckles were not that visible unlike before and skin discoloration finally gone!

I realized that i didn't need that much makeup at all! wearing only lashes, moisturizer/sunblock and lipstick at this photo.

I'm happy with the result!

Curious what's Pervil Product am i gonna use next to maintain my skin?
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