Nanum Facial Beauty Massager/Mist Review

By hdmakeupbycess - 20:14

I'll tell you one fact about me: I'm avoiding any facial treatments especially pricking, coz it makes my skin prone to acne and white heads. :) So I'm always open to any alternatives and options about taking care of my skin.

When i came across this product, i thought that this is suitable for me! I can use this anywhere to replenish my face and even my makeup. You can use it as a face massager too! it helps to uptake nutrition, relieve eye fatigue, remove eye bags, and lighten wrinkles. Moreover, it is still a skin moisture tester, which can tell you if your skin needs hydrating. 3 in 1 design, really a must-buy for every woman!

3 in 1 design: A facial humidifier, a massager, and a skin moisture tester.
A facial humidifier: Cool mist moistens and soothes tired skin instantly, leaving skin soft and supple, great to relieve dryness from heated or cooled place.
A massager: It can massage your face gently to improve skin absorption, help to uptake nutrition, relieve eye fatigue, remove eye bags, and weaken wrinkles, making your skin radiant again.  
A skin moisture tester: It can tell you if your skin needs hydrating in seconds by merely contacting with your skin. Vibration means your skin is still moist enough, while no feedback means dryness. 
Nano Ultrasonic technology: Producing the finest mist spray that moisturizes effectively without damaging your makeup for a refreshing lift any time.
Portable handheld design: Its light weight and mini size are perfect for you to bring with and use anytime anywhere.
Rechargeable built-in 400 mAh battery: Can humidify for 60 times (1 minute a time), and can massage for up to a week (15 minutes a day) when full charged.
10ml water tank: Can mist for 10 times. Just refill the fresh water tank again to enjoy fresh mist.
Easy operation: Slidable cover to control its humidifying function, press both side buttons at the same time to start massaging.
Comes with a carrier bag for protection and easy carry. Just bring it with you and give your skin better care whenever needed.

Cute pastel colors to choose from! :) 
First, Clean your face before using the massager, put thin serum or moisturizing cream on your face and around eyes. Gently press the massager tips on your skin to start the facial massage, move the massager tips slowly and gently on face and around eyes. You can use this while having your face mask too :)

It promotes Moisture Boost, Nutrition Promotion and Health Promotion.

Rechargeable and Portable :)

I love it! Portable and I can use it anywhere! Get is Saristore for 50% off for only 999PHP! 
Get it! :)

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