What’s Up in CDO’s Downtown?

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Nailaholics Opens its 57th branch in CDO’s Newest Lifestyle Destination!
Enjoying my tea while having my Gel Mani - Pedi :)

As Cagayan De Oro’s economic growth is fast progressing with more businesses and recreational & leisure centers opening in its central business district, it becomes a more lifestyle-centric city especially with the opening of SM CDO Downtown Premiere

CDO is a popular destination for adventure seekers with its must-experience white water rafting and kayaking activities. Although CDO will always be known for these adrenaline-packed activities, the city now has a new offering which will soon be a destination in itself as well in the City of Golden Friendship

While everyone rushed out of the city and jetted off to where the sand and salty vibe is this summer, staying in the heart of the “City of Golden Friendship” that is Cagayan De Oro was a decision happily made by Kagay-anons.

Summer is still around the corner and while some opted for a trip to the beach or a nature-packed adventure, staying downtown was “the thing” for Kagay-anons especially if it meant for them being the first ones to experience what their city’s newest lifestyle destination has to offer.

Although CDO will always be the capital destination for adventure seekers with its world-class white water rafting and kayaking activities, the opening of SM CDO Downtown Premier in the city’s sprawling central business district last May 12 offers the people of Northern Mindanao a premiere lifestyle experience, thus offering a vibrant mix to CDO’s attractions.

CDO’s progressive economic growth gears the whole community to a more lifestyle-centric way of life. Busy city dwellers are now looking for places that provide urban escape and sure enough the city’s newest premiere mall delivered. With branches nationwide, Nailaholics Nail Salon and Spa is more than excited to have opened its 57th branch in SM CDO Downtown Premier.

We are very glad to open another Nailaholics branch here in CDO because this means for us extending more work opportunities to Kagay-anons. This time being in downtown, where most of our customers really seek relaxation after a hard day’s work – we come in by offering them the most relaxing pampering packages from hand and foot care to even grooming services with waxing and eyebrow threading” said Arvin Amaro, Marketing Head of Nailaholics.

Lovin' their beach themed interiors! I Imagined myself being pampered at the shore!
Definitely an escape to the city experience! 

“What we are excited to offer to our customers here is the unique salon experience that our Quaint Hampton’s inspired themed nail salon creates. It is nice to think that we can offer a feeling of a relaxing beach vacation experience, an ‘escape to the city’ especially to our busy city customers. Of course, this is made possible by our well-trained technicians whom we are very proud of” added Amaro.

Thanks Nail.a.holics! You truly exceeded my expectations,
Quality services plus very accommodating nail technicians! :)
Even only a little more than just a week after its opening, SM CDO Downtown Premier, together with the diverse restaurants and retail stores it houses, has already redefined the shopping and mall experience in Northern Mindanao. The downtown vibe will definitely come alive- more dynamic and more vibrant making this newest lifestyle mall a ‘destination in itself’

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