Vivere Salon's #EducatedHairstyling Campaign

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We arrived at Glorietta 2 just in time for the Grand Open House - Press Party of R2 Group of Companies. Been stuck at home for about a month and it feels good to be pampered once in a while!

Sharing with you guys my experience on the ultimate beauty day! 1st stop Vivere Salon! :)

For 13 years, Vivere Salon's success has always been anchored in education. Now, with the launch of their #EducatedHairstyling campaign, they continue on to elevate the standards of hairstyling in the Philippines, promoting a more professional and sophisticated approach to beauty.

Just had my Haircut and Treatment done here! :) I love the whole look! So happy with the result! 
Vivere Salon Glorietta 2 - 3rd Floor

As life continues to get more and more competitive each day, it is a challenge to stand out and get noticed. People now tend to give more premium to things that provide great value while offering more amount of certainty, simply because settling on mediocrity is almost out of their choices. Especially when it comes to beauty and grooming where everyone expects nothing but the best, Viviere Salon understands exactly how anyone can outshine any crowd and that is by offering salon services deeply rooted in education.

Grand Open House - Press Party! :)
R2 Group of Companies - is a home to the country's leading pampering and grooming destinations! 
Carrying an impressive range of brands including Vivere Salon, the hallmark of bespoke
and precision cuts anchored towards a strong inclination in educatio, Nailaholics which offers distinct nail and spa services performed by genuinely caring techinicians with doors all over the country, French Tips which is the only eco chic nail salon in the country, Sports Barbers which is especially dedicated to male grooming, Ooh La Lash which is in charge of elevating the the standards of beautiful lashes using only FDA approved materials, free collagen treatments in all treatments performed only by expert lash technicians who are certified tesda, redefining the waxing and brow experience via Max Wax Waxing and Eyebrow Design Studio performed by true experts and finally, Hey Sugar! Waxing Salon, the only 100% sugar, all natural and organic waxing salon in the country. Adding to this rich portfolio is Happy Brows! the newest brow salon offering superior threading services that emanates from the concept that "Happy Brows is your Brow's Best Friend!" :)

Ever since Viviere Salon opened its door in 2004, Educated Hair Styling has always been its core philosophy. Behind every bespoke and precision cut a customer gets are the internationally-trained hair stylist who possess an eye for style and are experts of their craft. One can only expect the best in hairstyling because their stylists undergo regular trainings in the Vidal Sassoon Academy, where the highest standards of modern hair design methods are pioneered and maintained. It's non wonder that the Vidal Sassoon Academy is tagged as the "Harvard" of hair education and stylists all over the world recognize it as the hairdressing "mecca" 

"Having had the privilege of training in the best beauty school, I came out more confident and more capable; being able to translate my enhanced skill to our client's needs. I gained the finest hair education and since then, it opened a lot of opportunities for me especially in my career as a stylist. I will always be grateful to Viviere Salon for these" said Mr. Hector Real, Creative Director of Viviere Salon. Taking pride in the talent and precision that goes with every snip and bespoke style it creates for its customers, Viviere Salon is an establishment that takes hairstyling seriously.

Gone are the days when people simply follow a trend and conform. Now is the time people celebrate uniqueness and embrace individuality. Viviere Salon's #EducatedHairstyling campaign supports this movement and comes into fill in the demand. This campaign also recognizes that beauty is a mixture of the technical and art. The science behind hair and an understanding of latest techniques and trends make perfect balance in achieving a tailor-fit cut and hair style that matches each customer's personality and lifestyle. With this bold approach to hairstyling, the #EducatedHairstyling campaign elevates the status of modern beauty in the Philippines! - establishing educated hairstyling as the standard for a customized, sophisticated beauty.

The stylists and assistants are very accommodating,
they really make sure that my tresses get the suitable treatment since my hair is already damaged from constant hair coloring. :)
With Hairstylist Rich :)
My hair feels softer after the treatment, she said that i should take care of my hair to avoid damage and treat it once a month. 
With more and more people seeing the difference of what a good haircut makes, Viviere Salon will keep its promise of providing professional hairstyling services that stands out from the rest. It will continue to empower its stylists by providing them the best hair education thus upholding #EducatedHairstyling in the Philippines. :)

Thanks Vivere Salon for my Organic Moisture Treatment and Haircut! Definitely coming back! :)

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