My Korean Facial Therapy Experience

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It was late afternoon when we arrived at the O2 Laser Skin Center, and I'm always looking forward to try any treatments since i haven't done facials for a long time. I tried avoiding it because my last facial a few months ago caused a lot of acne breakouts on my skin plus i hate pricking dahil sobrang traumatic and masakit - but I'm super surprised that their way of extracting or pricking is less painful than other clinics i've tried before.
My bare face a few days after the facial - I guess you'll see me with less makeup on more often!
I love my skin! 
What i also love about their clinic is the machines are all from korea and they are very nice & accommodating. You will truly go back and have your treatments done at O2! 

Their signature facial is a therapeutic treatment formulated to deeply cleanse, rejuvenate and hydrate leaving my skin more radiant and revitalized! Nakakarelax as in :) 

This 90 minutes facial therapy comes with a relaxing and firming face and shoulder massage which reinvigorates the skin and relieves stress. Perfect for people who want to be refreshed and relaxed at the same time.

1st Step: Cleanse. Cleansing the face with our Cleansing Milk and Cleansing Gel. This step will involve removal of makeup (if patient has any on) and dirt from the environment.
2nd Step: Scrubber. Using a machine, we will scrub off deep seated dirt for a more thorough cleansing
3rd Step: Ultrasonic. Using a special gel, a flat device emitting heat is made to go around the whole face. This helps open and soften the pores to prepare it for extraction.
4th Step: Extraction/Pricking of Whiteheads, Blackheads, Pimples.
5th Step: Destressing. This is done through a relaxing face, shoulder and back massage using our special Korean massage oil for 10-15 minutes.
Vit C - Infusion
6th Step: Antioxidant Infusion. Using another machine, we infuse a high end Vitamin C from Korea which helps lighten the skin as well as slow down the aging process. In this treatment, you will feel a mild stinging sensation especially in the bony areas. This is the machine infusing the Vitamin C inside your skin.
7th Step: Calming and Anti aging. Cold Collagen mask is applied and left on the face for 10-15 minutes. This is another anti-aging procedure and the cool sensation of the mask will help reduce the redness from the extraction done prior.
8th Step: Removal of mask and application of Moisturizer and Sun protection Korean creams.

Thanks much Dra. Ching Co! :) Me and MJ love the services!

Visit O2 Laser Skin Center - 
Ground Unit A, Waypoint Building, 4 Bayani Road, AFPOVAI
Taguig 1634

Call 0920-836-1132 / 0928-874-0580 / (02) 512-8315 for more details

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