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If we we're friends on my social media accounts, You'll see that this is not my first time to color my hair, bleached it and do highlights. Name it! I already tried every color and style that you could think of that suits me. My latest hair color is 'Black' and then tried to tone it down with a lil' dark brown with highlights before heading to Status Salon to do a drastic hair color change! Ash Blonde Highlights I LOVE IT! 

I read on some articles that highlights is one of the color/hairstyle that flatters & suits a round face. because it breaks up the width of your face and creates that elongated face shape. But of course just keep on framing around the face to soften - Long Layers, Side Fringes and a little bit of texture! 

Read on my Status Salon Experience if you're planning to do Hair Color and Bleaching - Don't do this DIY coz only professionals and trusted Hair Salons can cater and do this kind of Hair Procedures. 
A few days after my Hair Color - Still Vibrant 

1st - My hair color is originally Black but i decided to tone it down a lil' bit with brown and a few highlights, also my hair is already bleached and color treated by other salons so expect that my hair is already Dry and Damaged from the ends.

2nd & 3rd - Yay! Start of the Bleaching! My Hair is being bleached section by section and carefully selecting the hair for the highlights - As in pulido guys! You'll see that the stylist even measuring it to ensure na pantay tlaga. 

4th - Finished the Bleaching by Section and putting the round hair equipment on top of my head that circulates heat. I think it speeds up the chemical reaction and it makes the bleaching intense. It lasted for about 1-2hrs until the hairstylist got his desired bleached color.

5th - Viola! Almost blonde/platinum on the ends! The stylist said that this is not the final haircolor so don't panic. He said that he will tone it to eliminate the yellow undertone and will not resulted to - parang mais na buhok when it already faded a few months.

He also put Hair Treatment for colored hair to make the color vibrant and my hair softer. Coz we know that hair bleaching damages the hair but if aalagaan mo naman ng treatment and ipapagawa mo tlaga sa trusted Hair Salon like Status Salon you'll get what you paid for it brings back the softness and heals your damaged hair! and Sobrang worth it! I love the result after!

6th - My hair is already toned down here that lasted for 10mins and you'll see that my hair is already gray and platinum blonde on top.

The outcome! Ang ganda! Ang galing stylist :)
Mas maganda din if curls yung hair mo coz sobrang visible and kita yung highlights!

Thanks to my stylist Page Rivera of Status Salon Maginhawa
Thanks Status Salon! Definitely coming back! 
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