A Day With Finessa Aesthetica & Thread-lift Review

By hdmakeupbycess - 20:21

It's my second time here at Finessa Aesthetica and I'm always delighted to try out their services! On my previous blog post last year. I tried their Ultra Body Shape that instantly made my tummy slimmer! 

Also, tried their Gluta Drip w/ Vitamin - C! 
Always my fav treatment :)
It is newly improved! That's why rest assured it is twice more effective and will noticeably make your skin radiant and fair right after!

Feel that the years are catching up with you and that your face skin is sagging or droopy?

Looking into the mirror hoping that you can have firmer, lifted skin, and slimmer face without any surgery or significant downtime?

Then, Finessa Aesthetica's Threadlift is the answer!

As we age, our facial skin support structure weakens and we lose facial fat, especially around the cheeks, the eyebrows and other areas around the eyes and neck. The result is a longer, rounder, older-looking face.

But on my case, I want my face to become a little slimmer and chiseled. A V-Shape face i always wanted! Here I am braving the needles, As you can see on my video above. 50 threads inserted on my face especially the cheeks and jaw area to contour my face. There's an anesthesia and the pain is tolerable so don't worry. :) 

Dra. Cecilia Catapang assured me and explain all the procedures before the treatment.

"As the skin ages, the connective tissue in the skin also becomes thinner. The elastic fibers in the skin undergo a type of breakdown. Thus the face loses some of its elasticity. The lack of elasticity brings with it the loss of certain face-shaping supports. The face begins to wrinkle, sag and droop. Younger people may experience cheek and brow ptosis caused by weakened muscles as well"

Usually it can be performed in under one hour, It last for approximately 1 to 1.5 years, depending on your age, lifestyle, and facial movement patterns. As more collagen is produced over time, the results of Finessa's Thread-lift will also gradually become better and peak at approximately 6-9 months after the procedure.

As the dissolvable thread-lift procedure is less invasive, patients generally see less swelling, and are normally able to return to work and social settings almost immediately. ( I went to see my friends after for a few drinks pa :)  In addition, as the dissolvable thread-lift procedure does not involve any cutting of the skin, only topical or local anesthetic is required. Plus the threads are infused with Collagen and Vit - C! Felt like my face is more refreshed a few days after. 

As the procedure is non-invasive, side effects are rare and you may experience some light bruising which will go away in a few days.

Will post more soon about this treatment! 
And before and after photos after a few months so stay tuned!

Finessa Aesthetica 

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Tel #: 376-76-51

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Tel #: 437-60- 45

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