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I can say that this Aesthetic Center is one of the closest to my heart - because I instantly fall in love with the owner's "Passion To Beauty!" aside from it, they also cater to different Beauty and Wellness needs, with their Holistic Beauty Approach. Its a treatment program specially designed just for you.

Of course after you completed the whole treatment process from their ANTI-AGING, SLIMMING & WEIGHT MANAGEMENT, SKIN WHITENING AND REJUVENATION programs, I guarantee you that you get what you paid for and so much more coz you'd gain Confidence and Positivity along the way!

On this blog post, I will virtually tour you on a day of pampering and what services suites my lifestyle. As a Mom & Makeup Artist, I'm always on-the-go that sometimes i don't get enough sleep, of course if you don't get enough sleep it will eventually take a toll on your skin and body. I'm glad that La Jeunesse Aesthetic Center truly cares for your over all health, beauty and well-being. 

La Jeunesse is at 4th Level Two E - Com Center, Mall of Asia Complex - Ocean Drive Pasay City
I love their interiors! Its a mix of Chic & Classy with a Paris-sy Feel! 

La Jeunesse Aesthetic Center provides Quality services, Top of the line machines and Relaxing ambiance!

That's why one of my favorite treatment is their Glutathione Drip because drips are pack with a powerful detox ingredients that truly assists the body in meeting the demands of modern life. It makes my skin glowing and revitalized after! 

The Drip lasted for 30-45mins :)
They have very accommodating and credible Doctors and Nurses
who will assist you all throughout the treatments :)
Thanks Dra! 
After the drip, I gotta try their Intensive Whitening Facial! The whole facial experience is super relaxing! This facial minimizes and lightens your pigmentations and impurities. I love it! :) 

Leave on Cream for 30mins :)

Next is V-Contour for the Face and Tummy! You all know that i have a round face shape. That's why i opted for this treatment. If you wanna achieve that V-Shape face you have to try this. It instantly lifts and contour your face! It uses Radio Frequency - Targets and melts fats on the desired body part you wanted to contour. Plus you'll see the effect right after!

This is your life saver if you're too busy and don't have the time to hit the gym like me :)

Yay! Lose a few inches right after!
But of course continues session is required to achieve your goal measurements! :)

Top of the line machines :)
Each treatment rooms are designed with different french/paris themes! 

Thank you Ms. Naicie! I enjoyed a whole day of pampering at La Jeunesse! Definitely coming back! 

Ms. Naicie Lee Salamagos - Founder/Owner of La Jeunesse Aesthetic Center
She's so Pretty, Youthful and Down-to-Earth! She carries her Aesthetic Center's Mission to Beautification! 

It's time to turn our attention to our skin and bodies and give them the TLC they deserve.
visit La Jeunesse Aesthetic Center for a free consultation!
For more Inquiries contact:
(+028748888) and (+639172438000)

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