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Dr's Drip Lounge and Infusion Bar is probably the 1st lounge or clinic that renders full service on various intravenous (IV Drip) therapy. While their most popular Drip Therapy consist of Whitening and Skin Rejuvenating Cocktail, a good percentage of their clientele are coming for their personalized and curated therapy just for you! 

Cancer Patients who wishes to detox their body from the harmful side effects of chemotherapy, Athletes who wants to boost up their energy and immune system, clients who wanted to seek cure for their skin diseases or maintaining their good skin health or general body wellness, even to clients who seek to improve and enhance their reproductive health. 

They have taken a traditional medical treatment into a modern twist, by taking medical treatment out of the hospital setting and moving it nearer to the people in a friendly, convenient and comfy environment nearer to their community. 

Where you can relax and have your Drip done!  

They even have Massager Chairs :)
Enjoying my Massage while having my
Platinum Ultra White Drip!

The Ultra Advance Whitening with a high-dose of Glutathione,  (5000mg)
Vitamins and Minerals i needed for a fairer and whiter complexion! 

The growing numbers and demand for different types of treatments has motivated them to further improve their already well-researched IV Drip Therapy protocol hence they launched their New Improved Formula on many of theit premium IV Drip Treatment. 

Now with Essential Booster and Stabilizer specially formulated for Dr's Drip Lounge, patients and clients will be receiving a better treatment at the same cost. 

The principle that every client who comes seek their treatments and services is deserving of more affordable, authentic and effective treatment is what inspired them to create their vision. and in order to deliver and complete their vision, doctors and allied medical personnel have grouped together to render personal services to their clients.

They believe that in order to receive quality treatment and services, one must go to a reliable personnel with such expertise.

Injecting the Vit - C last, because
they found out that it is well absorbed by your body
while retaining its active components. 
What makes Dr's Drip
 Lounge different from others?

The most important factor that differentiate them from other venues that caters to giving Drip Therapy is their foremost commitment to carefully include medications that are well tested and well researched so that patients or clients will benefit from the start of their Drip Therapy down to the last drop. Effort to do independent laboratory testing and analysis for standard quality of many important active ingredients were accomplished, and constantly updated. 

And since Dr's Drip Lounge is staffed by Doctors and other allied medical personnel, patients and carefully evaluated before treatment. There is no single formula of Drip Therapy for many different kinds of patients/clients. Each Drip Cocktail treatment may entirely differ from another, depending on individual needs based on purpose of the patient and client and evaluation of their medical staff. 

Ryza Cenon -
Clinic Ambassador of Dr's Drip Lounge 

Dr's Drip Lounge and Infusion Bar is unique in that, it has dedicated itself to serving not only to healthy clients who seek solution to skin care and whitening, to healthy clients who seek to improve their immune system and energy but also to sick clients who wish to seek alternative solution to their medical problem.

No wonder that Dr's Drip Lounge gathered a lot of Recognitions and Awards within the years of their service.

They have various products too for whitening, anti-aging and slimming! 

They also have PRE-CHRISTMAS PROMO :) 
Clients NOT availing of the scheduled PROMO will get 30% off on all IV Drip Infusion including YR
All Face and Body Treatments 50% off minimum of 10 sessions 

Nov 4 to 30th 
3D Max Lift PHP 45k 
Instead of PHP 80k

Botox ( Frontal Lines/Worry Lines) 
PHP 5,999 Instead of PHP 15k
(subject to assessment) 

Collagen Therapy - Mirco-Needling
Buy 2 + 1 FREE at PHP 9,500
Reg Price at 4,500/session

Ultra Lipo Exclusive 
Now PHP 4,000
 Instead of 10,000

Nov 4-15th
Platinum Ultra White 
50% OFF min of 10 session 

Royal Cinderella 
PHP 3,200 
Instead of PHP 6,000

Avail their Promos! :)

Thank you so much Ms. Marites Lumahan and Dr. Manuel Ma of 
Dr's Drip Lounge & Infusion Bar for having me! 
Learned a lot about the health benefits of your drips, Definitely coming back! <3 


Visit Dr's Drip Lounge's Branches:
Quezon City Branch:
G/F Newgrance Condotel 32 Timog Ave Quezon City
Tel Numbers: 373-46-85 * 09178964599 * 09228908695

Mandaluyong Branch:
36-38 Uptown Center Madison St. Corner Pioneer St. Mandaluyong City
Tel Nos: 631-77-88 * 09171295515

Marikina Branch:
306-C Cirma St. Sto Nino Marikina City
Tel Nos: 09184393356 * 2671513

Work Operations:
10am - 7pm
Mondays - Sundays
Monday Closed ( Timog Branch)
Sundays Closed ( Marikina and Mandaluyong Branch)


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