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The Beauty Empire is a new Face & Body Center in the metro, their mission is to provide the quality and service that you deserve in a affordable price. With their newest top-of-the-line machines guaranteed that you'll be able to enjoy their pampering and beauty enhancements within your reach :) 

 Ms. Joy the Owner/Founder of The Beauty Empire said that:
She values the clients' satisfaction, 
outcome and happiness after
 the treatment. 
"Lalabas kang masaya & maganda 
after the treatment" 

Also, she embodies the beauty and class of her clinic. She's very accommodating and hands-on to her clients :) with that, I felt so pampered and well taken care of! <3 
Had my 1st session of Oxygeneo + Tripollar and noticeably brighter and firmer skin after! 
Lovin' their Empire Gold Theme :)

They also have various Dr. Alvin's Beauty Products that is very popular when it comes to Skin Whitening, Rejuvenation and Anti-Aging. 

Rejumax Sets for only PHP290 :)

Are you a fan of next-gen Oxygen Facials? Then you'll love OxyGeneo Facial! Oxygeneo is a three-in-one therapy that combines gentle exfoliation, natural skin oxygenation, and a deep facial rejuvenation. Also, the main benefits are Skin Brightening and Firming.

How good is that? I can say that this treatment is one of my favorites! Because it combines skin rejuvenation and face slimming and lifting in one. (We all know that i have a round face shape kaya anything face slimming and lifting is a go for me!) but, recently I rarely get facials because: I am not acne prone and not that oily but my main problem is dark spots and dull face complexion so i think this kind of treatment is suitable for me.

Choosing between OxyGeneo and TriPollar? Why not both! :)
Tripollar RF first before oxygeneo - TriPollar is the latest and the most advanced RF technology in the market and also the safest and the most effective RF treatment - The device has four small smooth metal prongs on the end which get warm, but not hot. Safely heating up the skin and helping to promote collagen production

The three aspects of OxyGeneo treatment are:
Exfoliation: It removes the upper layer of dead skin cells, similar to a gentle microdermabrasion.
Skin rejuvenation: It infuses the skin with active ingredients like hyaluronic acid, peptides and antioxidants. 
Oxygenation: It produces carbon dioxide bubbles that gently burst on the skin's surface, which then stimulates oxygen-rich blood flow to the area and greater absorption of the actives.

Using what they call the “Capsugen tablet,” it targets the upper skin layer to remove the dead cells and to prepare the skin to receive the active nutrients. There are two choices of actives which is NeoRevive for all-around rejuvenation and anti-aging or NeoBright for brightening and texture improvement. The attendant who did my treatment, recommended NeoBright for me since i was still in my 20's and i had no visible wrinkles as of now :)

It did immediately improved the texture and current state of my skin and increased radiance plus no downtime. You'd need a series of treatments (ideally once a month) as per the aesthetician to get the long-term benefits, including improvements to acne, elasticity and age spots. Thank you so much The Beauty Empire!

Try it guys! So many awesome treatments at The Beauty Empire! Stay tuned to other treatments i did after the Oxygeneo + Tripollar! Its TUMMY SLIMMING & FIRMING which is Cavitation, RF, & EMS Combination & INSTA - GLOW WHITENING!

The Beauty Empire 
Visit them at:
#35 A Timog Ave. Quezon City
Quezon City, Philippines

For Inquiries: (02) 373-88-00

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