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Growing up, I was taught that hygiene is one of the most important thing. I believe that we should practice good personal hygiene habits because these habits can help us in so many ways. Like, It helps us maintain our well-being, increase confidence and self-esteem. Especially us women! Feminine hygiene is essential to our overall health.

The modern lifestyle, hectic work schedule and increased out of home movement and social activities, all these changes in today’s women’s life emphasized on the importance of feminine hygiene. Good thing that there's a feminine wash that has the right care in the right way - 


One of my most trusted brand all these years when it comes to feminine wash is 
pH Care Philippines!

pH care has 4 variants - Passionate Bloom, Cool Wind, Papaya Extract and Guava Leaf Extract from their pH care naturals aka the two nature's wonder! Guava Leaf Extract is one of my favorites because in a hot country like ours, sweat can lead to body odor and discomfort but, worry no more!

pH Care Guava Leaf is infused with natural guava leaf extract that is well-know for its cleansing and anti-bacterial properties. It provides a natural anti-bacterial protection for the intimate area and it has a mild and gentle scent formulation making it safe for everyday use! Plus it is pH-balanced and clinically tested by obstetrician-gynecologists!

So us women, This is the #CareYouDeserve! 
Happy Women's Month!

Watch this pH Care video with - Elisse Joson! 

pH Care Guava Leaf Extract :) 

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