From Tokyo to MNL - Kiyosa Japanese Total Beauty Nailed It!

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Its easy to understand why Nail Art and Lash Extensions has grown popular, most especially in JAPAN! I believe that Japanese nail art is more elaborate because they pay much attention to details, embellishments, intricate designs and lovely mix of colours!

Pretty! Kiyosa's 3D Nail Art! 
Since there's also a growing demand for a Good and Quality All-in-one Salon here in MNL, Kiyosa Japanese Total Beauty made it possible to deliver quality services to their clients. also, it is said that Japanese Nail & Lash Technique is one of the best and most advanced technique. I'm thrilled I was able to experienced it!

Just wanna share that a few weeks ago, I had my acrylic nails done by another nail salon. Its nice at first, but after a few days it quickly fallen off my nails so I had to go back to the salon for them to re-attached another acrylic. For a busy gal like me, I opted for this treatment because acrylic should last a month so i don't have to go back to the nail salon & set another appointment plus the gel and acrylic can strengthen my nails that tend to crack and chipped.

With Kiyosa, their acrylic nails will lasts upto 5 weeks/a month. I can feel that this will really lasts a month since they did my nails really well and all of their tools are from japan. Guaranteed that their works are quality and their Nail Technicians go under a rigorous training for them to do nail arts and acrylics professionally.

FROM JPN to MNL <3  

Mayuho-San flew all the away from japan to spearheaded Kiyosa's Manila branch as the head Japanese Nail Tech. I can say that I'm impressed by her finest professional technique and hospitality. ("Omotenashi" It is well known around the world that japan has superior customer-service & politeness ) I also love that she had an Eye and Hand for detail! Very precise & intricately doing my Nail Art to achieve my chosen design!

There are a lot of designs that you can choose from :)

Toe Nail Designs :)

A Nail Art that suits any Occassion & Festivities :)

They we're always in TREND! Never goes out of style with Chrome Powder Nails :)

Also... You can add embellishments like Swarovski stones, Pearls and Gold accents :) I choose gold accents for my nail art!

AND THEY TOTALLY NAILED IT... I love my nails!

What Mayuho-San did to me is Acrylic Gel Nail Art -Art 2 & Sculpture

Art 2 costs 2,980
Sculpture costs 2,980

Total of: 5,960

for this kind of nail art <3

Eyelash Extensions 120 pcs costs 2,460

Minako-San is also from Japan, she's the head Lash Tech of Kiyosa. Sorry this is my only photo while having my lash extensions since I fell sleep because i felt so relaxed that I didn't felt like she's attaching extensions on me. Everything feels light - from the prep to the the way she's putting it! (Ang gaan ng kamay nya) :)

Also, the lash extension itself feels light that I don't feel like I'm wearing extensions. It doesn't feel itchy or irritating at all which is my previous experience from other lash extensions that I've tried. And to add up, what i love about having my extensions here at Kiyosa is I don't have to get rid of my eye makeup except the mascara which is perfect if you're on-the-go or attending a party coz you can just literally just go after you had your lashes beautifully done! 

I suggest you go a little earlier since your lash extensions will take upto 45mins-1hr to make and acrylic nails is 2-3hrs depends on the design and length of your chosen acrylic nails. I also recommend to book your appointments ahead of time so you can try out Minako and Mayuso-San's lash and nail techniques only at Kiyosa! 

Here's the Lash Extensions Price List :)

Also. I'm in awe of Japanese contemporary designs because It has always been known for its simplicity, clean lines & minimalism which really shows to the contemplative atmosphere of Kiyosa's Salon Interiors. also, I did watch a movie while I had my nails done! Very relaxing Vibe :)

 Nail Services Area :)

Kiyosa's Motto are Posted on the wall:


Hair Services Area :)
They have very accommodating technicians :) There are also various products available for purchase like accessories, hair and nail products and cute earrings! 

Lash Services Area :)

Of course I don't wanna missed my OOTD that day, I had to take my pic at their Hair Services Area :)

That's it! Thank you so much Kiyosa Japanese Total Beauty! Thanks for the pampering session! 
Enjoyed my visit! :)

Don't missed out coz they're still on promo! 

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Contact Number: (02) 805-8888
Branches: BGC - GF F1 Hotel & Pasay - Conrad 

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