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If you're my friend and a follower on my social accounts, for sure you're already heard of The Beauty Empire. This derm clinic is Located at Q.C Timog Ave, they are one of the best quality & affordable clinic in the metro. I've tried a lot of their beauty enhancements and I can say that I'm satisfied with the outcome of my beauty treatments!

I just wanna share that they have new treatments to offer. They have promos that you can avail! Super sulit! because they don't charge that higher per treatment unlike other clinics, but they uses the same high-quality machines too! They also have accommodating attendants and professional doctor that will attend to your skin and body enhancement's needs so guaranteed that you're in good hands!

The hottest Beauty Trends this 2018 are all about BEING BOLD :) and when I talk about bold, Its being bold when it comes to confidence in your self & your own skin. I believe that when you're confident, that's when you feel the prettiest! 

Right now - Its all about defined brows, prominent cheek bones, highlighted nose, flawless-skin & lighter UA are a few beauty feature enhancements that are very popular these days.

Now the brightest minds of the beauty enhancement world have created a way to get the exact look you want through a variety of Holistic, Non-Invasive & Semi Permanent Treatments available at The Beauty Empire!

So let's start! 

Carbon Laser Treatment is one of the newest treatment available at The Beauty Empire. It is an effective solution that helps treat a number of skin concerns like Skin Texture and Tone, Wrinkles, Acne, Collagen Production and Pigmentations. (e.g. Dark Spots) 
First, they will put a Carbon Mask on your face then using laser energy with long wavelengths that penetrate deeply without injuring the top layer of the skin. The deep dermis is stimulated to produce natural collagen, the result will give you a glow and youthful appearance after!

This treatment is Non-Invasive & Pain Free with Minimal - Zero downtime :) I recommend this for people who have Oily Skin, Enlarge Pores & Acne Prone Skin! You may check the Video Below: 

Noticeable results can be experience after the first treatment. But for maximum long-term benefits, the doctor will recommend a series and regular treatments for maintenance :)

Carbon Laser Treatment 
costs Php 5k per session

Second is Maxi Light Underarm Treatment, This treatment will lighten your underarms and will remove some stubborn hair too. I had my IPL Treatments once in a while so my hair doesn't grow back anymore. But I noticed that my armpits got a little darker since I haven't been doing IPL a few months now so I'm happy i got to try this lightening treatment!

You can really see the result right after, the hairs on my pits got lighter too! The treatment is not painful but you will experienced some redness which is normal and will subside after a few minutes. You have to avail a series of treatment for you to be able to achieve your desired result!

Maxi Light Treatment 
costs 3,500 per session

And lastly, Nose Threadlift and this is one of my favourites! I'm not that Pango but I just wanted to enhance the bridge and tip of my nose. Thank you so much to this medical technology breakthrough because we don't have to undergo surgeries anymore and this 30mins non-surgical nose thread lift is all you need to achieve that well-defined and lifted nose. 

Before & After
Nose Thread Lift

Braving the needles and of course Anaesthesia first before anything else. :) I didn't feel any pain while having my nose done. They also uses absorbable threads made of Polydioxanone which is 100% bio-compatible with human-body so you don't have to worry! The treatment is safe and only professional doctors can perform this procedure :) 

Shout out to Doc Mel of The Beauty Empire for the super fast & painless lift! She specializes on this procedure, I suggest you do this with a trusted and professional doctor. 

Nose Threadlift Treatment
costs 8k per thread/depends on your desired lift

Showing you a series of photos 5 days post after having my treatments! 

I wanna thank The Beauty Empire for taking care of my Skin and Body! 
Visit them! :)

Will blog more about these beauty enhancements x 
Stay tuned for more updates!

Contact numbers: (02) 373-8800 / 0958 3888825

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