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There are hundreds of whitening products in the market and it takes Quality & Effectivity for the consumers to patronize a certain brand. Just like Relumins Flawless Beauty and Skin -  The company launched their wide range of products last 2011, from whitening to slimming products. Up to this day it is proven that they are one of the best leading company that is guaranteed for its effectivity and high-grade ingredients. 

Aside from that, They also won The Most Successful Brand Of The Year from Watsons Health and Beauty Awards! They have offices in New Jersey and here in MNL! If you're not familiar with whitening products, their knowledgeable staff were always available for your questions and inquiries, Flawless Beauty and Skin is dedicated to find what suits you!

For this blog, I hope i could help you with deciding what's the best product for your skin! If you want instant whitening this soap & lotion might be your next favourite pair up! So read on! :)

After bathing, It is a must to put lotion. It keeps your skin moisturized throughout the day. Of course it is said that soap is not enough if you wanted fast results you must pair it with a suitable lotion for maximum effectivity! Relumins Advance White TA Stem Cell is an all in one day lotion that reduces the appearance of aging because of its active TA Plant Stem Cell Extract. It also claims to give you a healthy even glow. 

It has a Hydration Complex, a blend of Placenta Proteins and Hyaluronic Acid to deeply hydrate and restore your healthy glow. It has also Clair Blanche Brightening Complex, Argan Oil for smooth soft skin and Alpha Arbutin. 

So i tried it for a month :)

Relumins Intensive Repair Lotion and All in One day Lotion! :)

The consistency is thick that a little goes a long way. It has a mattifying and instant whitening effect which is i love because i always love wearing dresses and sometimes if my makeup is a little light it doesn't matched my body so this is a life saver for me! It even outs my skin tone and gives me that "white effect" the whole day! <3

for 300ml 1 bottle lasts a few months, I also love the fresh scent that it gives me. I already ditch my usual whitening lotion and switch to this! 

Thank you Flawless Beauty and Skin! 


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