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If you're dreaming of Platinum Blonde, Purple, Blue or any Crazy Colour you want, Name it! 
Katch Beauty Lounge can make it happen :) Katch Beauty Lounge caters to clients who wanted their hair transformed into their dream hairstyle & color! They uses Lakme Hair Care Products which is originated from Barcelona and being used by the Top Salons here in the Philippines. 

If you're feeling "hair adventurous" - I recommend you do this with a trusted salon with a quality hair care products to avoid further hair damage. Personally, I tried so many salons already and tried to bleach my hair a few times. I already did color my hair Gray, Blonde and Ash Tones and unfortunately my hair suffered from a lot of damage and I ended up toning it down with dark black. 

For this blog, I hope I could help you out with your 'hair dilemmas' & planning a drastic hair makeover! I know some of you are afraid to do bleaching and experiment something "NEW" but after you read this blog I assure you wanna try it and book a hair makeover appoinment with KATCH Beauty Salon! Asap :)
Katch BeautyLounge x Lakme Hair Care Philippines
They are also selling makeup products and tools at the lounge! :)
Fav First Photo - Unicorn Hair! :)
Waiting area :)

Will definitely go back since I forgot to hoard these MINK LASHES! :)
Lakme Hair Care Products x

Here's the Before Photo of my Hair - Dry and Frizzy because of constant hair coloring and bleaching.
But I opted for Bayalage Ash Blonde which include hair bleaching also, ( I'm not afraid since I know that I'm in good hands with Katch :) Bleaching to wash out the dark tone of my previous hair color. 

First - Bleaching Process - They uses Lakme's K. Blonde Bleaching Kit, The product helps neutralize unwanted yellow pigments and to add up it is an ammonia-free bleaching cream that features up to 7 levels of lift! Can you imagine? Taking the Blonde & Bleaching to the next level! Ganun Katindi Bes :) 

So after a few minutes.... 

This is the outcome, It is fast! Compared to my previous experience with other salon, I remember my last bleach took up to 40mins-1hour before they reach this kind of lift. I'm amazed to Lakme Products! Plus my hair is still in good condition. :) I'm happy! 

After bleaching hair care lotion! :)

After Bleaching, Second Step Hair Coloring -  Bayalage Ash Blonde! Excited for the outcome! 
Still Ms. Katch Mejias the owner of Katch Beauty Lounge did my hair! She's very hands on and will make sure that you'll achieve your hair peg! :)

Amazing Vibes while getting my Hair Color! 

Last step: Hair Care - After the Hair Color and Blow Drying - Still using Lakme Products! K.Style :) 

I spend the whole afternoon in the lounge and It took them 5 - 6 hours to do this hair. I suggest you bring some refreshments with you or a meal perhaps. You can eat while having your hair treatment Plus the hair techs are all friendly and very accommodating for sure you'll be having fun while having your hair done! 

The After Photo:

Bayalage Ash Blonde


Katch Beauty Lounge x Lakme Hair Care PH

I love my hew hair look! Thank you so much Katchie Mejias, Katch Beauty Lounge and 
Lakme Hair Care PH for having us! 

The whole Katch Beauty Lounge & Lakme Philippines Team! :)

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