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Nails and Glamour is one of the newest Nail-Lounge in the North side. They are located in Congressional Ave in QC, tho its been 8 months since they've open their first branch they gathered a lot of customers already because of their superb quality services and catchy nail designs!

They also offer other services like, Waxing, Kiddie Services where you and your little one can bond over their luxury kiddie spa :) They also covers Special events and Parties where you can bond with your girl-friends, whether its a pamper-party sesh or bridal shower! and lastly Hair and Makeup Services to be done by Ms. Joane Kathlyn herself! She's a professional Hair and Makeup Artist and a very Hands-On owner of the nail salon too.

Photo grabbed from their IG Account :)
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Cozy feel of the receiving area :)

Beige and Maroon :)

For this blog, I tried out their Polygel Nail Extensions :) If some of you didn't know Polygel is a newest-nail technology that is more flexible than acrylic and way stronger than gel. And to add up, I love how Nails and Glamour do their Polygel Nails Application.

I can say that this is much stronger than the polygel I tried from other nail salon before and for sure this would last up to 4 weeks. They also uses a Nail Form to fully design your polygel nail extensions, The form is much thicker so it would not easily torn or break :)

Also, Their nail-techs are all well-trained. They are very keen to details and designs and they are very accommodating too. My whole nail sesh is very relaxing!

You can be artsy and design your desired nail design with their add-ons! :)

Overall, I recommend this to busy ladies with brittle nails like me and for those who don't have time to grow their nails and visit a nail salon every now and then. Also, If you're travelling you don't have to worry bout your chipping nails or if you have an upcoming event, parties etc. Nails and Glamour is your go to nail salon for all your nail care needs! I highly recommend them. I can say that they are one of the best Nail Salon for Polygel and Acrylic Nail Extension Services. 

Thanks much Nails and Glamour! 
I love my nails! :)

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