KinderCare Ultra-Safe Baby Wipes

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Disposable wipes have become a modern parenting convenience that we use on our babies from head-to-toe. Shouldn't we make sure that these little cleaning cloths as are safe and non-toxic as possible? My 4 year old son has sensitive skin, I remember when he was still a baby he gets a lot of rashes from his bottom part. I suspect this is from the baby wipes I use before.

Unfortunately, conventional wipes on the market use a lot of harmful chemicals. That means that every time you wipe away a mess from your baby's hands or bottom, you might just be trading it for a handful of harmful chemicals. There are companies that offer more natural wipes product. The best natural baby wipes allow you to conveniently clean your little one without making health trade-offs.

Recently, KinderCare Philippines just launched their All-New Ultra-Safe Baby Wipes that guarantees absolutely ZERO harmful chemicals such as Parabens, Methylisothiazolinone and
Synthetic Fragrances. ( If you didn't know methylisothiazolinone has been found in many of the popular baby brands, a study has surfaced that confirms baby wipes are not safe to use on your children due to this ingredient. The results of the tests conducted were worrisome, as children ended up having a reaction that left them with itchy, scaly, and red-rashed looking skin )

That's why as a mom we should be more careful on the baby products we use on our babies. Trust a brand/company that also cares for their consumers too! I'm happy that i finally found a baby brand that I can truly recommend which is KinderCare Philippines. The wipes is super gentle to use! It does not have a scent that's why it is very suitable for sensitive skin! & To add up, their Ultra-Safe Baby Wipes has a soothing fresh ingredients such as Cucumber, Chamomile and Pomegranate! 

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Ultra-Safe Baby Wipes Price ListKc-324 wet wipes 25's - Php 69.90 Kc-325 80's - Php 129.90 Kc-326 w/ plastic cover - Php 139.90 Kc-327 w/ tub - Php 219.90 Kc-328 10's - Php24.90 Online exclusive of a pack of 6 80's wipes - Php715 plus shipping fee. Shipping fee: Flatrate of Php 180 for Metro Manila and Php200 for provincial. Here are the list of stores where KinderCare is available in Metro Manila: Robinson's Department Store Ermita Robinson's Supermarket Ermita Robinson's Supermarket Otis Robinson's Supermarket 168 Robinson's Supermarket Cloverleaf Robinson's Supermarket Pioneer Mart One North Edsa Metro Market Market Ever Commonwealth M1 Guadalupe Sta. Lucia Department Store

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