Vitapack Philippines Face Sunscreen Review

By hdmakeupbycess - 03:52

If you already read my recent blog post about "My Top Face Sunscreens" you'll know why I'm obsessing over these little life savers! My face have a few freckles and melasma (Dark Spots) which i got through chemical skin peeling for not wearing a sunblock afterwards. That's why after figuring out the cause, I searched and try out a lot of different sunscreen where i can wear it underneath my makeup.

A sunblock I can wear underneath makeup or the sunblock alone without the stickiness feeling. That's why I always up and wanna try out any new face sunscreen! One of the newest products of Vitapack Philippines is their Whitening UV Sunscreen this is SPF 50+, Broad Spectrum, Whitening, Anti-Aging and Moisturizing. I love how Vitapack always so innovative with their products. They are not just offering a sunscreen but with other benefits that your skin will love!

" It is infused with Anti-Oxidants 
in Sunflower Oil and Vitamin E 
that helps nourish, speed up rejuvanation 
and even out skin tone, 
while Sodium Hyaluronate 
plumps up the skin. It is lightweight, 
non-sticky and water resistant "

I highly recommend this to people with oily and sensitive skin! 
One of the best face sunscreen for me! 

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Here's my Vlog about Vitapack UV Sunscreen where I put it on a test! :)

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