Arencia French Egg Pore Refining & Skin Purifying

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Natural Clays are well-known for their cleansing and purifying properties, you can see it from a wide variety of brands in the market and being used for beauty products from centuries until now and to add up, clays pulls up oils from the skin which leaves it balanced and clean. It is my first time to try out a soap with natural-vegan ingredients!

For this blog, We will talk about Arencia's French Egg Soap! if you didn't know Arencia is a Korean Brand from Seoul. This awesome soap is clinically proven safe for sensitive skin and it has a BioDtox ingredient that strengthens the skin's surface and reduces excess oil. Plus, their key ingredient is the French Pink Clay that gently exfoliates dead skin cells and cleans clogged pores. 

Tho, I don't have an acne prone skin this soap really works for me! I have a few bumps and white heads on my nose and after a few days of usage my skin really improved and became softer and smoother after. 

Here's a Before and After Photo of one of their satisfied buyer: It is being raved for its effectiveness!

This soap comes with a bubble net that keeps it hygienic and for a rich lather while you wash your face :)

How to use: 
For Daily Use 
- Work up a rich lather using your hands
- Apply the foam over the face and neck
-Gently wash off with warm water

Wash Off Wash
- Leave the foam over the face and neck for 1 minute before
rinsing off with warm water :)

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