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Its a typical weekday for me when I visited Stesso. Of course, I brought my kid to school before I head out to my "pampering session" As a mom of 1 - busy schedules and crazy routines takes a toll on me, specially on my skin. I noticed that if I don't have enough sleep my whole face becomes a little puffy and rough. So I make sure that I visit my favorite slimming & skincare clinic atleast once a week to have my treatments done.

For this blog, I tried out Stesso's FIRMABELLA and ULTRABELLA for face slimming and lifting and their relaxing RENEWAL FACIAL for Anti-Aging. I love how Stesso takes time to listen to their client's concerns and recommends the treatments that suits their clientele. Dra. Ambulo is very hands on and accommodating. I told her I wanna have a slimmer face shape, she suggested that these treatments suits me so I'll be sharing my experience and all about this newest derm clinic in the metro!

Its time to put self-care on your to-do list! Read on :)

Established in 2012 by Ms. Lalaine Ambulo, M.D. Stesso all began as a simple dream to help people look and feel their best.

"It is all about making a 

says Dra. Ambulo of her 6-year strong slimming and skin care facility. According to her, 

"It is so rewarding to see
them walk out of
the centre happy and confident" 

with Dra. Lalaine Ambulo :)
Over the years she has acquired the latest aesthetics technologies and high proficiency in using the machinery. "I am fascinated  with new non-invasive devices that work amazing magic on the skin & body" she enthuses. Coupled with a legitimate medical background, her passion for giving only the very best has earned stesso a lot of a loyal clientele. 

Stesso provides clients with safe, high-quality and effective options for invasive surgery, fad diets and the sometimes harmful slimming medications available in the market today.

The centre specialises in bespoke treatment programs for the individual, paying particular attention to the fact that each body with its specific set of slimming and body shaping needs is different. Clients are appropriately assessed before any procedure is carried out. After the assessment, specific goals are identified after which the treatment program is crafted then carried out. 

In 2015, Stesso launched their Skincare Services that address a variety of skin conditions, and facial slimming and contouring. Clients can choose to have one-time facial, peel, or treatment, or choose from more intensive skincare programs for more severe skin issues. 

Stesso believes in nurturing relationships with its patients. Honest communication is key to the success of Stesso Treatment Programs. Dra. Ambulo emphasises that she is proud of "the exceptional service that we give to our clients, from the initial assessment until they finish their personalised treatment programs."

The high level of service can be attributed to Stesso's meticulous hiring process. The staff is made up of extensively trained and registered nursing professionals, and its not just about technical skin either. Stesso's committed staff is enthusiastic about providing premium hands-on care to their clients in variety of settings. At Stesso, you can ve assured of excellent service with a genuine smile :)

This 2018, Stesso relocated, welcoming old and new clients into a well-appointed space that is designed to safeguard their privacy, provide them with comfort as they go through their procedures, and inspire with its elegant ambiance! 

Stesso's brand pillars are communication, trust, honesty and sharing common goals, and it is these that help make the journey to a slimmer body and gorgeous skin all worthwhile!

Check Stesso's MINIMALIST & ELEGANT Ambiance:

Stesso's receiving area totally captured me! Its ALL WHITE, MARBLE & MINIMALIST DESIGN makes it more inviting and relaxing. I love the vibe because it is really cozy as their attendant greeted me. :)

Start of the treatment: If you're a frequent reader of my blog, I always tried out treatments that will make my face smaller. Normally, I have a round face, chubby cheeks and double chin, Because when workouts and diet plans don't work, You know that you have to sought out other alternative like this non-invasive treatment that really works! But of course a series of treatments is needed for you to achieve your desired result. 

My First treatment is ULTRABELLA!

Ultrabella is a non-invasive treatment that intensively uses acoustic shear waves to reduce fat in targeted areas of the face. This is ideal for minimizing a double chin and contouring larger areas of the face.

We focused on the jaw area to contour my face to make it smaller.
The whole treatment is relaxing, I fall asleep while having my treatment. Also, the heat from the machine is tolerable so you don't have to worry. The treatment lasted for 15-20mins depending on the target area.

Second Treatment is FIRMABELLA, it is also non-invasive that uses heat waves to lift sagging skin, smoothen stubborn wrinkles on your forehead, around the eyes and on your neck. On my case, Dra. Ambulo suggest that i should have the firmabella right after the ultrabella to lift the skin after face slimming so the skin doesn't look droopy or sagging looking. 

I love how Stesso curates their treatments to their patient's needs! 

On my next visit: After a week I had a follow up Firmabella treatment and Renewal Facial! 

This facial combats the signs of aging. After cleansing and extraction, a honey almond scrub is massaged onto the face to gently exfoliate any dead skin cells. Honey and Almond are both natural anti-agin products, rich in antioxidants and vitamin e. The facial is capped off with an application of nourishing collagen elastin cream to smoothen and prevent wrinkles and deeply moisturise the skin.

Thank you so much Dra. Lalaine Ambulo of Stesso Official for having me!
My whole visit is superb!
Also the whole Stesso Team! Thanks for being so Friendly and Accommodating  :)

at 2/F Toyama Group Centre,
22 Timog Ave, QC

Contact num:
09175783776 or
(+632) 3769-000

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