My Sugaring Experience at Sugar Bar Hair Removal Salon!

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It feels free to be hair-free :)

Hey guys x 
Long time no blog - I know :) but I am back with another blog to share my experience regarding my  First Ever Sugaring! (Sweet!) Have you tried out Sugaring? Comment on this blog because I wanna know your thoughts about this. A few years ago I tried out "Brazilian Waxing" and it is really painful and a little bit irritating on the skin, so I stopped waxing and just opted to shave. Sad I know, because shaving causes darkness, dry skin and it also causes hair to grow back thicker. ( I had no choice lol )

So I am excited to try this Newly Opened - Hair Removal Salon in SM City North Towers! They are using 100% organic sugar paste which is Less Painful and Less Irritating on the skin! Keep on reading to know more about my Sugar Bar Hair Removal Salon Experience :)

Intragram-able Interiors x 

Millenial Pink, Gold and Palm Spring Vibe is best describe Sugar Bar's overall interior feel. Their receiving and waiting area is my favourite! Because the wall frames, gold mirrors and the pretty greenery designs compliment each other.

They also uses scented candles on their hallway which adds up to the cozy feel of their hair removal salon. Very relaxing indeed!

The services I tried and their prices x 

You can also create your own package depends on your hair removal needs! 

Why Sugaring is changing the hair removal game?

Sugaring is an organic way of removing hair using a sugar paste mixed with lemon juice, water and sugar says Paige Galanza (Owner of Sugar Bar PH) It is guaranteed with the highest grade of ingredients, 100% organic, natural and gluten free!

It is also a gentler alternative hair removal than "waxing" because of its all-natural ingredients it is  far better choice than waxing. "Sugaring is less painful because hair is removed in the natural direction of its growth, as opposed to waxing, which removes hair against hair growth" says Paige. To add up, Sugaring technique pulls less on the skin while still effectively removing the hair. This also means that you will have less irritation and redness.

According to my research, Sugaring can be done every 8 to 10 days as the hair does not have to be longer to remove it. It also claims that sugaring will only take away dead skin cells, unlike waxing which also removes live skin cells.

My Experience :)

I tried their Upper Lip, Brazilian and Half Leg Services and it was really worth it! I will never go back to shaving! I really recommend that you guys try sugaring!

I can really compare the pain of my first waxing and sugaring - Sugaring is less painful than waxing and i feel that the sugar paste mixture is moisturizing and it leaves my skin smoother! 
( I tried out the areas which is really painful especially if you used to shave "down there" but Leg area is less painful ) In addition, their sugar paste is applied at a room temperature it means less "burn" than wax. Also, you don't have to worry because Sugar Bar Attendants are very courteous and very accommodating.

As in! (Hindi ka mahihiya sakanila) They are trained and qualified by a "Sugarist Expert" educated in one of the finest and top sugaring schools in Los Angeles, California. It really shows on how they handle their clients. I really recommend them coz you will feel relaxed and at ease. One of their mission is to provide and deliver quality services to their clients with every money that you spend, you'll be satisfied and much more.

 I can truly say that I had my best sugaring experince at Sugar Bar! I will definitely come back! :)

Much L O V E x Sugar Bar <3


Thank you so much Paige of Sugar Bar PH! 
Enjoyed my first Sugaring Experience :)

Visit them at: 
SM City North Edsa, North Towers, Tower 5, 2nd Floor
Quezon City
Contact Number: 0917 851 8729
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