Althea Korea's Newest Chic Product called A'Bloom

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Used this A'Bloom Giant Meringue Puff look how my makeup looked so seamless and blended well! :)
I don't have an acne prone skin, but I have a few blacheads and excessive oilyness around my T-Zone Area. Tried out A'Bloom's BHA Blackhead Blaster it is easy to carry around because of its Stick Applicator ( It is the first Natural BHA Stick) and removes blackheads painlessly! 



Can also be used as a calming wash-off pack for the whole face to combat excessive sebum and also body scrub for your elbows, knees or heel. 

Before and After :) 

BHA Blackhead Blaster is only 200 php at Althea Site :) 

 Free A’bloom phone grip with purchase of any A’Bloom BHA Blackhead Blaster. • Limit one free A’bloom phone grip per customer per order, while stock last. 

Aside from Blackhead Blaster, your skin needed some Tender Loving Masks! :) A'Bloom also launches their recipe for sparkling skin! Their set of Fruit Masks and Juicy Bombs are the BOMB! 
My personal favorite is their Sparkle me BrightBrigtening Lemon Lime Mask. 

These masks are too cute! <3 They have the most colorful packaging and very clever names per mask that suits your every skin's needs! 

Sparkle-me-Bright - 
This is one of my personal favourites from all the masks because it has a brightening effect on me. It also has a double dose of Vitamin C from lemon and lime extract! that vanishes darkspots and added green tea for brightening while calming the skin :)

Ac-me-Peach -
If you have an acne prone skin and you want to get rid of your blemishes this mask is for you. It is infused with peach extract and tea tree oil to regulate oil balance, moisture and redness. 

Water-me-Long - 
If you have dry skin this moisturizing watermelon is for you! It is packed with watermelon extract and lavander to mosturise and calm your senses. Soft and Supple Skin! 

Avo-cuddle-me -
Infused with Avocado Extract and Hibiscus for soft and glowing skin. Just like avocado this mask is rich with antioxidants and protect skin from harmful environmental factors and prevents wrinkles too :) 

The masks are created with the same PH Balance for healthy skin! Suitable for all skin-types and sensitive skin! Also clinically tested for non-irritation! 

Per mask is 20 php only! at Althea Korea Site :) 

Promo alert: 10+10 Mask Sheets Promotion
• Add 2 Items in a cart and apply coupon code ABMASKS during checkout. • Limited to one order per customer and maximum 4 sets per customer. • Offer valid until gift out of stock. • Not valid with any other promotions, discounts and free shipping. • Althea T&C applies.

After that amazing skin care from A'Bloom. 
They also launch these cute little Meringue-Shaped Puff - Beauty blenders! 

Baby Meringue Puff and Giant Meringue Puff! <3
So cute I wanna eat it! 
Baby Meringue Puffs: For Eye areas and hard to reach part of your face.
Giant Meringue Puff: for the whole face. 

 Free A’bloom phone grip with purchase of any A’Bloom Meringue Puffs. • Limit one free A’bloom phone grip per customer per order, while stock last.

Giant Meringue Puff is 100 php only 
and Baby Meringue Puff is 140 (3pcs) at Althea Korea Site!
Order yours now :)


I also have a A'Bloom Products Review on my YT channel!
To be uploaded this week! 
Stay tuned x 

Check out Althea Korea's
A'Bloom Products 

A A'Bloom Beauty Playground Launch Special Promo and Free Gifts 
10 + 10 Masks, Coupon Code: ABMASKS

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