Top 10 Summer Skin Care & Makeup Must Have this 2019!

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Summer fast approaching! and so are the intense H E A T and T E M P T we are feeling this 2019. I feel that it gets hotter every year! (Tingin nyo?) Around this time my makeup and skin care routine changes to keep my skin protected under the sun, oil-free, fresh and to match this scorching summer heat!

For my skin care, of course I will never forget to use my Facial Sunscreen, (It is a must!) Peeling GelEssence, Moisturiser, Relaxing Face-Mask and Face Mist! 

For the makeup, since hot temperature makes you sweat and oil x2. Hindi mawawala ang aking..
"Go-to-Primer, Long-Lasting/Stay in Place and Waterproof FOUNDATION, Bronzers for that sun kissed look and Setting Spray to keep the oiliness at bay :)

So here's my Top 10 Summer Beauty Essentials that you should try out and include in your newest arsenal kit! 

1. Facial Sunscreen 
The No.1 Facial Suncreen in Korea is Cell Fusion C Laser Sunscreen 100! and I have a review vlog about this. Go check out the link below :) This Sunscreen is one of my highly recommended sunscreen since it has high SPF of 50++ and very gentle on the skin and it is developed by a korean dermatological brand. To add up, It is very hydrating on the skin, it doesn't clogged your pores that results to break outs and it has a slight tone up effect. You can wear this under your makeup too!

Available at my Charis Shop:

2. Essense 
LAVIEN Volufiline Radiance Essence all in one - I love this product because it doesn't only makes your skin whiter, but it gives you that youthful, wrinkle-free and glowing skin all in one bottle :)

This moisturiser also creates that "bubble effect" when you apply it! :)


3. Moisturisers
This moisturisers are my holy grails! It really saves me from my Combination-Type of skin! Combination Type - meaning I have a dry and oily skin combined. My skin is dry mostly in my cheeks area but my T-Zone is really oily. So these types of moisturisers suits my skin!
Aestura Atobarrier 365 Cream for Sensitive & Dry Skin while Aestura THERACNE 365 Soothing Emulsion helps control overproduced oil of skin and reduced dead skin cells.

Aestura Atobarrier 365

This moisturiser gives my skin that    super smooth feeling. It is very  lightweight and seamlessly easy to blend under my makeup!

This is one of my current faves!

Theracne - "Green Tea Water" based emulsion extracted from green tea cultivated in Jeju Farm. 

4. Face-Mist

Are you fed up with dull, dry skin and caked makeup? Try this keep cool and shine mist to make your skin brighter and perfectly fixed makeup! It has a pearl ingredient, glutathione, vitamin complex and moringa seed oil. Apply this before and after applying your makeup.

Amazing Results of this mist! :)

5. Primer

A primer that makes the skin texture smooth and bright, as if giving a blur effect, covering skin bumps caused by pores and fine wrinkles. It claims to give you smooth skin texture with concealed pores as it both cleanses and smoothens out uneven pores and bumps, creating a clear skin texture prior to makeup application. It is also long-lasting. with its natural mint and minerals it manages the oil and moisture balance of the skin, allowing skin to remain soft and smooth for long periods of time! One of my holy grail!

6. Water-Proof/Long-Lasting Foundation 
INGA Cover Fitting Tattoo Foundation - 

Before and After applying Light Vanilla (Light Vanila is my shade)

I love that it has a natural finished! It makes your skin looked healthy without visible traces of foundation! It covers my subtle redness and super light-weight and stays the whole day! (as in parang wala kang suot na foundation! It looks natural on me) :) 

Visit my charis shop to view and check out your shade!

7. Setting Spray for Oily Skin
Urban Decay "Chill" Setting Spray - Chill Makeup Setting Spray features cooling time-release Temperature Control Technology that actually chills the surface of your makeup—to keep it looking gorgeously just-applied for up to 12 hours! Do I need to say more? Urban Decay is one of the most highly recommended when it comes to setting sprays! It claims to give you a Dewy, Glowing and Youthful looking complexion :)

8. Face Mask
Blooming Cell Dual Effect Mask in GREEN - This mask uses advanced skin regeneration program that renews and streghten skin's barrier with ceramide extract. They also use high-doses of active ingredients enriched milky esensse. This facemask has 3 variants, Blue for Moisturising. Red for Improving Skin Elasticity and Green for Brightening. I personally recommend green for skin brightening! Currently using this! and To add up, their mask sheet is thicker compared to other and it is 100% cotton! 

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9. Peeling-Gel 
Atobarrier 365 Peeling Gel is a Defense & can Strengthen skin barrier with "Dermaon" 

This peeling gel is exfoliating and peeling agent that moisturizes the skin. It strengthens the skin's barrier function and smoothens out dry skin. It also contains skin lipid like structure called dermaon. 

10. Bronzers

Clinique True Bronzed Pressed Powder in Shade Sunblushed 
Lightweight powder bronzer that creates a natural-looking sunny glow! It Blends and Builds easily to your desired level of bronze and lastly it is Long-wearing :)

I hope you guys enjoyed reading and make sure to add these up on your summer kit! 




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