Aqua+ Series - Skincare for Oily and Acne Prone Skin

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If you're a frequent reader of my blogs, I'm always UP for "something new" whether its a skincare brand, cosmetics or a newly opened dermatological clinic in town! You'll always find me trying out these brands and sharing my first impressions and real experience while using these products. 

I am always "thrilled" to share my thoughts most especially when it comes to skincare that suits my skin type. I have a Combination Type Of Skin. It means, I have an Oily Skin on a certain part of my face (T-Zone Area esp. Forehead, Nose and Chin) and Dry Skin on the rest of my face. Having this skin type can be frustrating and a bit tricky. 

Choosing what suits my skin type is very important. Once you start using the right products, your skin can improve almost immediately, with the dry areas softened and smoothed and the oily areas less oily and red—plus minimized pores. :)

That's why I'm back with another post about this skincare from thailand. Aqua+ Series is a brand that specializes in providing solutions for Oily and Acne Prone Skin based on Nanotechnology. 

"Nanotechnology may help us reverse aging at a cellular level" so it penetrates deeper into the skin. Aqua+ Series' is more than your acne and oil buster product, Its a holy grail product in one. 

If you have an Oily and Acne Prone Skin or a Combination Type of skin like me. I think you should give this product a try! because it is focus on fighting the dirt, oil and pollution that become trapped in the pores of the skin that causes acne. Plus, It efficiently removes excess oil and clear clogged pores without damaging the skin and designed to prevent, heal breakout time and even-up your skin tone. and to add up, They are using state-of-the-art technologies that targets and combats acne while soothing your skin.

They are promoting their double guarantee on Dermatologically & Hypoallergenic Tested. Very suitable for sensitive skin!

Aqua+ Series prides itself on using the perfect balance of scientific technology and natural ingredients to best deal with acne by concerning on following:

"Exfoliation: remove dead skin cells and keep pores clear
Pore cleanser: helping to remove impurities and dirt including skin dead cells from clogged pores.
Anti-bacterial ingredients: removes bacteria and stops the infection before it begins.
Manage excess oil: slow down the oil production that can lead to bacterial growth.
Anti-inflammatory: works on the skin to soothe the pain, swelling and redness.
Gentle formula: gentle, less harsh treatment that won’t irritate your skin"

The Products: 

Aqua+ Series Smoothing- Bright Soft Scrub Essence: This soft-scrub essence is really soft. The beads are really gentle and it doesn't irritate my skin at all! It gently exfoliates, lift off impurities and remove dead skin cells! My kind of face-scrub :) It has a Vitamin E, Active Ingredient: B-White that improves skin complexion and gives you glow and that helps on acne-prone skin.

Tip: Use this Twice a week before applying your skincare products. Exfoliating your skin removes the top layer of dead skin cells that dull the skin. It allows your skin to receive your skincare benefits far better than ever before because you have just reduced part of the barrier or the surface layer of skin cells.

Aqua+ Series Purifying Cleansing Water: This Purifying Cleansing Water is very refreshing! First impression is it doesn't feel oily on my skin. It really helps remove my impurities, excess oil and even my long-wearing and waterproof makeup! Applicable for the Face and Eyes. 

Did you know: Did you know that Cleansing Water and Micellar Water are different from each other? Cleansing water is purified H2O that’s generally infused with a cleansing property. It may be infused with other substances, such as basic essential oils, fruit extracts, or even trace minerals that can help balance skin similar to a toner. That's why Micellar Water tends to be more "oily" than cleansing water.

Aqua+ Series Soothing Purifying Toner: The toner is refreshing and soothing. The formula is not water-like unlike other toners. I think it has an essential ingredients on it thats why the formula differ from other toners I've tried. The texture is unique which formulated by combining, Vitamin B3 and L-Arginine that controls bacteria, oil and gives your skin that instant luminousity and refreshing feel!

Aqua+ Series Radiance Intensive Essence: The essence is very hydrating, I even use this before applying my makeup. It is moiturizing and really boots my complexion. It claims to have plant extract ingredients that addresses uneven skin tone, lessens acne scars, and reduces the appearance of wrinkles. It also have an active ingredients called Melacare Oil, a mixture of 3 Medical Plants: Candeia Tree, Love Plant and Camellia. 

Overall, I really love using these products! It really helps reducing my skin's oilyness, dryness and for that much needed glow!

They have a wide range of skincare for all your skin type and needs :) 
Check out their social media accounts and branches: 
Ig: @aquaplusseriesph

Will also be filming my Night Time Skin Care Routine 
featuring this brand! Soon on my YT Channel! 


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